👾  A tribute collection to the artists we love, in nft! 🤟

The Vox Legends is our own way of paying tribute to artists of yesterday and today who have inspired us so much.

Classics, but also more recent artists who have influenced us just as much and made us want to make music.

With a pixel 3d universe, it is also to our childhood memories that we refer.

Enter the Vox Legends world and start your collection!

Release of the first 40 pieces
Phase 1
Release of the first 40 pieces of the collection in nft.
Release of the first 40 pieces
50% of sales in phase 1
Phase 2
The sale of at least 50% of the models in phase 1 will automatically unlock :
- 80 new models minimum.
- Purchase of land (1x1) in the Metaverse "The Sandbox"
- 1 2D collection (350 modèls)
50% of sales in phase 1
50% of sales in phase 2
Phase 3
The sale of at least 50% of the models in phase 2 will automatically unlock :

- 120 new models minimum.
- 30 Hip-Hop models.
- A Shop will be created with Merch with the effigy of your NFT
50% of sales in phase 2
70% of the collection sold
Phase 4
The sale of at least 70% of the collection will automatically unlock :

- Your articulated nft compatible with Metaverses
- 1 Tambola worth 1000 € (1 person among all owners) + your nft in 3d figurine which will be sent to you
70% of the collection sold


An NFT is a digital file to which a digital certificate of authenticity has been attached. More precisely, the NFT is a cryptographic token stored on a blockchain. An NFT makes a digital file unique. You buy the exclusive property of the original work included in this NFT, but the artist keeps his copyright.
Beyond buying a work you like, or supporting an artist you like, the NFT allows, by its uniqueness, to increase in value over time and can be resold. Many NFT are now worth millions of dollars.
To buy an nft you must first create your digital wallet. We advise you: Metamask – You can install it here and follow the process. Once installed, go to our collection on Opensea to buy your NFT.

The Vox Legends are a tribute to the artists we have loved and who have influenced us so much. Each NFT is handmade in 3d. The choice of artists for this 1st collection is completely subjective, dictated by our personal tastes.

The collection will start with 40 unique pieces and, depending on its success, will give birth to new ones.

Given its uniqueness and the time to make a Vox Legends in 3d and audio, they will be priced at 0.06 ETH each on presale and 0.1 ETH on public sale.

The collection will be officially available on February 9 in presale and February 27 on Opensea 🙂
And for those who want to get into the world of Vox Legends, we have also created a 2d collection, more accessible.


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